#5583 WBU SHRM Student Chapter

Working Together: The Alchemy of Education & Experience

#5583 WBU SHRM Student Chapter

Working Together: The Alchemy of Education & Experience

The WBU SHRM Student Chapter #5583 is an association of adult students living in the south-central area of Alaska. Some attend Wayland in Alaska; some attend other local or virtual universities — all seek the networking opportunities that joining a leadership group can provide! By promoting motivation for growth through education and supporting confidence in networking, this chapter helps career-oriented students draw attention to their people skills. While they add to their strengths, you engage with them as they as pursue career opportunities.

WBU SHRM connects with managers, recruiters, and other HR professionals through the Anchorage Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (ASHRM). ASHRM has 500+ members and is represented by professionals from the area’s major employers and small businesses in the for-profit, public, and nonprofit sectors. Our regional network (NHRMA) encompasses Alaska, Oregon, and Washington, and the national/international level (SHRM) helps us network worldwide with over 325,000 members.

Sponsor partners of this chapter are integral in furthering the work we do with students who are adults in the career phase of life. Many members are serving or have served in the military; others are completing their studies mid-career. And some are newcomers to the world of adult education. Through WBU SHRM, we connect students with employers.

Are you seeking candidates for the positions you want to fill?

Your company can help to provide education, support networking, present employment opportunities, and establish a positive introduction to your industry or profession.

WBU SHRM partners are highlighted in many ways, linking your company to the events we host annually and monthly, ensuring increased positive visibility. Employment opportunities from your company are shared with all of our members and are featured in our newsletter, on campus, and even through classroom announcements.

Thank you for considering a sponsoring relationship with WBU SHRM Student Chapter #5583!

  • Strengthen your recruitment pipeline
  • Invest in career development through leadership development
  • Meet the students in person and through virtual activities
  • Participate in monthly webinars and annual events
  • Sponsor the group’s community outreach projects
  • Mentor a student
  • Fund a student leader’s attendance at the regional HR Leaders of Tomorrow conference

We have numerous ways to bring value for your investment. Suggested levels (below) can be crafted to your organization’s preferences

  • $1200 - monthly opportunities to get your open jobs and internships publicized plus special event sponsorship of the annual Career Management Workshop plus mentorship opportunities plus multiple mentions and features in WBU SHRM social media and newsletters
  • $600 - special event sponsorship - you will be featured solo as the sponsor of two events plus an invitation to meet students and act as a short-term mentor plus mentions in WBU SHRM social media and newsletters
  • $300 - one event sponsorship plus mentions in WBU SHRM social media and newsletters

contact us to start a relationship with students and alumni!

We do not use, sell, or share personal information for marketing purposes.